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Due to COVID-19, 3CW provides Live Stream to help you to join the worship. Please return to this page for future Live Stream updates and resources.

直播 Live Stream

【主日崇拜】 直播 Sunday Service Live Stream

6/20/2021 早上 9:15 AM 

参与网上崇拜的正确心态:成为一个敬拜者, 而不是一个观赏者。

The right heart to join the Online Worship: Be a Worshiper, not a viewer. 
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本周报告 This Week’s Announcement 

長老候選人 Elders Candidates
理事會提名:馮信安,吳沛義,吳天縱為長老候選人。 他們三人都接受了邀請。求神引導他們未來十二個月的訓練。​
GB nominates Simon Fung, Dennis Ngo and Tien Wu as elder candidates and all three of them have accepted the invitation. Pray that God will guide them in the training for the next 12 months.​
教會現場聚會 Worship In-Person
3CW gradually increases meetings at church and relaxes the Covid-19 restriction. From next week, speakers and translators are not required to wear facemasks when they are on stage.​
第二小時的高年級兒童主日學 2nd Hour Upper Children Sunday School
從6月開始 ,第二小時的高年級兒童主日學,將會在教會現場+zoom直播. ​
Starting in June, the second hour of the upper class of Children Sunday school will meet at church and by zoom. ​
聖經營 Vacation Bible Camp (8/16-20)​
目前我們有 13 名兒童註冊。 我們祈禱到 7 月 16 日我們將有 20 個孩子。否則,我們將取消今年的聖經營。​
We have 13 children registered at this moment. We pray that we will have 20 children by July 16. Otherwise, we will cancel this year VBC.
教会建设儿童游乐设备 Church to construct Children Playground
教会设施团队在来临的3个星期六(六月19, 26,及七月3日)需要自愿者来帮忙建设儿童游乐设备(滑梯,荡秋千等)。工作范围有去除草皮,搬运草皮,铺防草原料,组建游乐设备,搬运及铺盖防摔橡胶块等等。请大家向梁伟强弟兄报名 763-203-3671
The facility management team will be building children playground for 3 Saturday, on 6/19, 6/26 and 7/3. We are looking for 12 volunteers for 3 work days. The work include cutting and removing the sod, laying ground materials, construction of the playset and laying rubber mulch over the playground. Please volunteer and contact Henry Leung 763-203-3671
暑期圣经營 Vacation Bible Camp
暑期圣经營会 8/16-8/20 在教会舉行。現在正招募同工。請與Eunice聯絡。
VBC will be on 8/16-20 at Church. We are looking for co-workers. Please contact Eunice.
儿童主日学的教师 Children Sunday School Teacher
We are looking for Children Sunday school teachers from June to July.
明州疫情指导更新​ MN Pandemic Guidance Update
我们鼓勵您回來參加主日崇拜 We encourage you to come back for Sunday service​
MN State announced – beginning March 15, 2021, places of worship is allow to open to full capacity, while face mask and social distancing of 6ft should be observed. No food and drink is allowed except for partaking ceremonial such as Holy Communion. Congregational singing may occur if all participants wear face coverings.
We encourage you to come back to church and join the Sunday Worship in-person.
星期天 (Sunday) 11:15 am – 儿童主日学 Children Sunday School
请加入Zoom视频,Please join via Zoom
ZOOM #:592 831 448
星期天 (Sunday) 11:15 am – 中文成人主日学 【箴言】Chinese Adult Sunday School (Proverbs)
请加入Zoom视频,你也可以来教会参加成人主日学。You can attend Adult Sunday School at church or through Zoom. ​
ZOOM #:925 3912 6964
(星期天) 11:15 am – 英文成人主日学 English Adult Sunday School 
You can attend adult Sunday school at church or through Zoom. ​请加入Zoom视频,你也可以来教会参加成人主日学。
ZOOM #:923 3838 5165
Password: 1
Sunday (星期天) 11:15 am – Young Adult Small Group 年轻人小组(英语)
This is a Small Group for Young Working Adult, College Students and fresh grads. You can join the small group in-person at the church or through Zoom. ​
ZOOM #:923 3838 5165
Password: 1
In the past 2 years, Pastor Chu has a Chinese devotion group on Whatsapp. If you want to join this group, you can contact him through Whatsapp at 651-560-0661.​
Give Offering 奉献
We encourage to give your offering by mail or electronically. 我们鼓励您通过邮寄支票或电子方式奉献。​
​You can also mail the check to:​ 你也可以把支票寄到:​
Chinese Christian Church of Woodbury​
1083 Weir Drive Suite 500​
Woodbury, MN 55125​​
奉献报告 Financial Offering Report

2021 年度预算 Annual Budget: $297,286​

每週预算 Weekly budget: $5,717.04

建堂贷款余额 Building Loan Balance: $201,500
上周奉献 Last Week Offering:(6/13/2021)
一般奉献 General Fund:$ 5471
感恩奉獻 Thanksgiving: $ 0
全年至今 Year-to-date Offering
一般奉献 General Fund: $118,578.32
(预算Budget: $137,209)
感恩奉獻 Thanksgiving / Needy Fund: $2,000