3CW Vacation Bible Camp 2020 暑期圣经营
Dates: June 15th – 19th, 2020, 8am-4pm
Location: New 3CW Building 木城华人基督教会新会所, 1083 Weir Drive, Suite 500, Woodbury MN 55125

Fees 费用:
  • $95/child before Apr 7th, $120/child after that
  • 每位 $95 在四月7号之前报名有效,以后每位$120
Please follow the 3 steps process to complete your registration 请按照以下3个步骤完成注册::
  • Step 1: Registration 第一步:注册
  • Step 2: Make payment (Check or Credit Card/Paypal)  第二步:付款(支票或信用卡)
  • Step 3: Complete Health and Waiver Forms 第三步:填写健康和免责声明表格
If you have any questions please contact 如果您有任何问题,请联系:
Pastor Simon Huang 黄牧师
Step 1: Registration
Please click the Register Now button to begin.  请点击 Register Now 按钮开始登记。
*We recommend each family to submit your own registration. *我们建议每个家庭提交自己的登记。
If you choose to pay by Credit Card, after you have completed the Registration Form, please return to this page to make payment with the following link.
Step 2: Make Payment
Fees: 费用:
  • $95/child before Apr 7th, $120/child after that
  • 每位 $95 在四月7号之前报名有效,以后每位$120
For Check payment, please write check to: “3CW” with memo of “VBC + child’s names”, and drop the check in the offering box.
支票付款请写支票给:“3CW”,注备忘录栏填写VBC +儿童姓名,并把支票投到奉献箱里。
For credit card, please use the Pay Now button to complete the payment.
如使用信用卡,请使用 以下 Pay Now 按钮完成付款。
Enter your child(ren)’s name, click ‘Pay Now’, you will be re-directed to the secure payment page. Select the number of person you are paying for and complete the payment process (Paypal account is not required).
输入您孩子的姓名,点击“Pay Now”,您将被转到安全付款页面。选择您要付款的人数并完成付款过程(不需要Paypal账户)。

Child(ren) Name

Step 3: Health & Waiver Forms
Parents are required to complete the Health Information and Waiver form for each child that enroll to the camp. We encourage you to download and print the registration form, complete it before you come to the camp on Day-1.