Vacation Bible Camp 2018: Camp Moose on the Loose

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Dates: June 18-22, 2018   
Time: 8:00 AM-4:00PM
Location: 6895 Bailey Road Woodbury, MN 55129 (the Barn)
Fees: Cost is $75 per child before Apr 8th, and $100 per child after Apr 8th. 
Join us for an activity filled week of Bible stories, skits, singing, crafts, food making, and various outdoor activities such as soccer, fishing and hiking. This day camp is for children K-7th grade (in fall 2018).  Our theme will be “forgiveness,” as we learn from the life of the Apostle Peter. 
if you have any questions please contact Pastor Simon Huang 612-735-1218 or
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地点:6895 Bailey Road Woodbury, MN 55129 (the Barn)
欢迎您参于为期一周的暑期圣经营。营中的各种活动包括了圣经故事,短剧,唱歌,手工艺和食品制作。此外也有各种户外活动如踢足球,钓鱼和徒步旅行。这个暑期圣经营是专为K-7年级(2018年秋季学年)的儿童而设的。这一期的主题是 “宽恕”。我们将从使徒彼得的生命中学习他的榜样。 
若您有任何疑问,请联系黄之逹牧师。电话612-735-1218 。或是发邮件去。
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