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September 2017

蒙恩得救,作为一个身子服事神 Saved to Serve, as One Body

有恩赐,专心,正统并满有果子 Gifted, Devoted, Orthodox and Fruitful

怜悯迦南妇人 Mercy on the Canaanites

August 2017

枉然的虔诚 Worthless Piety

獨臂刀大戰小肥牛 The One-Armed Swordsman against The Little Fat Calf

基督传道人和教会 The Christian Minister and the Church

July 2017

你的愿望是什么? What is Your Wish?

前奏 Prelude

人生就是一个考验  Life is A Test

2017 Retreat Session 3