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November 2018

世界的末了(五):天生我才 End of The Ages (5) : You’ve Got Talent

世界的末了(四):等待的艺术The End of The Ages (4) : The Art of Waiting


兽的国和神的国 Beastly Kingdoms and the Kingdom of God

October 2018

世界的末了(三):預備主來 The End of The Ages (3) : Prepare for the Lord’s Coming

世界的末了(一): 災難的起頭 The End of The Ages (1): The Beginning of Birth Pains

September 2018

一個漁夫的故事 – 神聖的接觸​ A Fisherman Story – Close Encounter of the Divine Kind​

Mighty to Save​

必定要去的地方​ A Place You Must Visit​

Worship in the NT Church Part 2- Prayer