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May 2017

建立教会的计划  Church Building Plan

April 2017

你是好土吗?  Are You the Good Soil?

消失的机会   Missing Opportunity

罪無可恕   The Unpardonable Sin

这位耶稣是谁?  Who is this Jesus?

誰是敬虔人? (2)  Who is the pious one? (2)

March 2017

誰是敬虔人? (1)  Who is the pious one? (1)

保羅稱讚那些忠心忍耐和多結果子的見證人 Paul’s Praise for Faithful Endurance and Fruitful Witness

教会领袖-醉酒,暴力,金钱 Church Leadership- Drunkenness, Violence in Action or Words, Money

真正的安息 True Rest