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December 2016

作主門徒? 信不信由你 Be Jesus’ Disciple: The Choice is Yours

作主門徒? 恐怕做不到 Be Jesus’ Disciple? I’m Unable

教会领袖 Church Leadership

November 2016

作主门徒?我不配 Be Jesus’ Disciple?I Am Not Worthy

作主门徒?太可怕了!Be Jesus’ Disciple?Too Scary!

珍视妇女(一)Valuing Women – Part 1

作主门徒!为什么?Be Jesus’ Disciple! Why?

October 2016

他还能是谁呢?Who Else Could He Be?

信徒在敬拜当中的心态 Heart Posture of Men and Women in Worship

得享安息 Enjoying Peace