“One-Heart” New Building Fund Raising Dinner


Update 9/18/2019 – Due to an overwhelming response, we have filled our target of 200 people for the dinner. Therefore we regret that we are unable to accept more registration to the dinner.
If you have not pay for the dinner ticket, you may continue to use the Payment Link below to make payment, or bring your payment to the dinner. Thank you.
It is very exciting to see how God is working in our church – providing us with a new building and also an opportunity for us to come together to raisefunds needed to start building the interior of the church.
We would like to invite you to join us for a wonderful evening, where we come together as a family, fellowship together, pray for 3CW, and give together cheerfully for the house of Lord. Let us build this together!
You will enjoy a pleasant dinner prepared by brothers and sisters, as well as food from some local restaurants. The program will consist of latest updates of the building plan; testimony sharing from brothers and sisters; and bidding on silent auction items
When: Saturday, September 21, 2019 – 5 PM – 8 PM
Where: Wetzel Gym of New Life Church 6785 Bailey Road, Woodbury, MN 55129
Ticket Price:
  • $30 per person
  • $240 per table (8 person round table)
Tentative Program of the evening:
– Dinner –
– Silent Auction – 
– Sharing –
Limited Seating Capacity!
Due to limited resources and the location, the dinner is only able to accommodate 200 people. We recommend adult or at least teen age above to attend. There is no child care service for the evening. We appreciate your understanding.
For ticket, question, please contact:
Susanna – annysun03@gmail.com
Eunice – chereunice@yahoo.com
For check payment, please write to “Chinese Christian Church of Woodbury” with memo: “9/21 Dinner”, and drop the check to offering box.
更新 9/18/2019 – 由于热烈的回响,我们已达到200位参与晚会的人数。我们感到很抱歉不能再接受更多的报名。
地点:新生命教会的维泽尔房,6785 Bailey Road, Woodbury, MN 55129
  • 每人 – $30
  • 8人圆桌 – $240
孙艳姐妹 – annysun03@gmail.com
谢美芳姐妹 – chereunice@yahoo.com
支票付款:支付给 “Chinese Christian Church of Woodbury” 备注:9/21 Dinner. 然后把支票带来教会投入奉献箱。
You can also purchase tickets online now! Please fill up your name for us to identify you.

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